Latest updates on Mission Lucidity
04 Feb 2021

CURE-ND Neurotechnology Workshop on 23 & 24 Feb

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28 Jan 2021
Photo of Dr. Hannes Heylen

Where medicine meets technology

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27 Jan 2021
Clinical eye investigation

Multiple high-level grants for retinal imaging projects

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20 Jan 2021
Microscopic image of a section of the hippocampus, a part of the brain involved in memory. The yellow zone contains the synaptic connections where Tau and Synaptogyrin-3 are enriched. Copyright: Largo Barrientos

Targeting Tau to keep neurons connected

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17 Dec 2020

New European alliance to tackle neurodegeneration

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31 Aug 2020
Valerie working in the lab in Stanford

Brain-on-chip team collaborates with Stanford

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28 Jul 2020
 A section of half a mouse brain in which different types of brain cells are stained

What happens around an Alzheimer's plaque?

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05 Jun 2020

Early detection of ALS and frontotemporal dementia

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18 Mar 2020
EMBO cover - Alzheimer risk genes converge on microglia

Alzheimer risk genes converge on microglia

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07 Jan 2020
Personalized medicine of the future

Mission Lucidity project receives over €4.5 million

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