IMI Stakeholder Forum 2019

Mission Lucidity was present at the 2019 Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Stakeholder Forum on June 12. The IMI is the world's largest international public-private partnership between the European Union and the pharmaceutical industry. The initiative has a total budget of more than 5 billion euro and provides funding for research and innovation in health.

This year's theme was 'Brain health and disease in the digital era - 2020 & beyond'. The topics addressed all healthcare stages, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and care.

Dr. Peter Peumans (imec, Mission Lucidity) was invited to the panel on Brain Health and Prevention, in which the opportunities and challenges of digital technologies for the monitoring of brain health were discussed. In fact, a variety of personal digital apps and devices are already available today to monitor our physical activity, heart rate, weight, diet... Yet dr. Peumans highlighted the need for new technologies to accurately assess brain function and health. “We should not forget that the devices that we are currently using to monitor activity for digital biomarkers, were never developed for a medical purpose, but rather for entertaining us.” Technological innovation is needed to develop highly sensitive, specific, reliable and integrated sensors, allowing to measure pathological brain changes in an early disease phase.

We take home that digital innovation holds potential to dramatically change and improve healthcare, and that the IMI will continue to stimulate this revolution.

Read more or watch the fully recorded event on the IMI website. Pictures © IMI

Today we are able to look at a black hole millions of light years away, but we don’t have the right technology to look at the individual neurons in our brain… What are the pieces of technology that would really make a difference?

Dr. Peter Peumans (imec)
Peter Peumans
Panel: Brain Health and Prevention